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deset Pocket Video Maker for Pocket PC

Select, compress and play videos on your Pocket PC in just three clicks!

deset Pocket Video Maker 1.5 is the program to create full length video films for Pocket PC devices in best video and audio quality. Whole movies in full length are now easyly portable onto mobile devices with deset Pocket Video MakerM 1.5. Todays Pocket PCs are in the meantime so powerful, that many applications that have been reserved for desktop PCs, now run without a problem on those small devices. This includes playing full length movies. A movie in good quality for example can fit on a 128MB or a 256MB storage card. From now on you can watch your movies in the train, on the plane, while waiting for the bus or simply said - everywhere where you´re heading with your Pocket PC!

deset Pocket Video Maker converts movies from DVD or from harddisk into movies that can be watched on pocket pcs.

With deset Pocket Video Maker the "Beta Player" is provided. After installing "Beta Player" your Pocket PC is able to play Divx videos, XviD* videos, Mpeg1 videos, Mp3 files and Ogg Vorbis files.

Main program features:

  • New Design
  • New Player for the Pocket PC
  • Improved Engine for DVD processing and converting
  • Creates DVD copies for the Pocket PC
  • Easy handling, no special knowledge required
  • Processes all screen sizes (z.B. 4:3, 16:9)
  • Processes all video formats (z.B. DVD, DivX, XviD*, mpeg, avi etc...)
  • Outstanding picture quality! using DivX, XviD* and WM9 technologies
  • Outstanding sound using MP3
  • Fastest compression. Create movies in full length within 30 minutes. (min. 2Ghz)

The world watches movies. Join watching! Now, everywhere and everytime! With deset Pocket Video MakerTM 1.5.

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